Like any new company, Indoriv Clinical has had to put in a tonne of labor and effort to get off the ground. Indoriv Clinical, a clinical research organization founded in 2012, was founded by Mr. Anant Agrawal. In the process of founding Indoriv Clinical, the founder, Mr. Anant Agrawal, gained a great deal of experience and overcame several challenges.

When he first began his professional career, he had ambitious goals, but he wasn’t sure how to bring about a significant change because he rarely had the chance to demonstrate his abilities. He had put in a lot of effort and even managed to secure an internship with a clinical research organization. He observed several difficulties there and began earning 100 rupees every day to serve as an intern in their hospital. From there, he set out on his adventure. Only one month into his internship, he began working for himself with his first client.

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