Krisha Parekh is the author of her debut novel ‘Just Once’ published worldwide. ‘Just Once,’ is a beautiful and compassionate tale of growing up. It’s a story of ‘grit and drive,’ ‘love and heartache.’ Only those who dare to be different are honored with success. She rightly states, “Success is sometimes found on the off-roads of life.” What would you do if you found yourself on a path that did not lead to happiness? Would you regret not taking the road not taken? Life is not always fair, but that doesn’t mean you accept the rulebook to follow.

Once in a lifetime, you experience a conferring bliss in the air, a heat wave burning inside your heart. Nervous breathing on your pale lips and sudden blasts of endorphins.

‘Just Once’ is the story of Kathya Arora, a fiery, optimistic, assertive and self-assured young girl, who believes she was meant to make a difference. She had faith in her dreams and ventured to pursue them. Her heart ached with agony when her deep love for Aarav overtook her, as her kindred spirit and happiness vanished from her life, leaving her heart crushed and shattered. Regardless of the odds she encountered, she relied on her courage and made the decision to fight and strive. She believes there is so much more to life than these challenges, and it has a lovely conclusion the other way round. She chooses to set herself free and live to cross things off her bucket list. As her dad says: ‘YOLO!’

Krisha Parekh, born and raised in Mumbai, is a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a certified passionate writer, aspiring to pursue Literature and Animal Psychology, with hands-down experience in being published in 10 different beautiful anthologies, India’s leading newspaper for kids: RobinAge and an editor and co-author of Amazon’s best-selling: “Express to Impress with Finesse.” She did her education up to the secondary standards from Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School.

She tried venturing about many curricular options, but her hidden ambitions couldn’t stay away from her for long. She has an eye for observation and her writings are moving to say the least. Well, we can somewhat agree with what she claims; that she possessed her writing talent as a hereditary from her mom and nanu.

At a very young age of 16, she was the founder of ‘The English Educands’- Grammar and Creative Writing classes for senior standards, an independent content writer at a firm named ‘XCult’; and a volunteer at ‘Shubh Karma’ as a part of ‘Helping Hut NGO’ and a committee member of ‘Enkindling Young Minds’ NGO.

Her quote, “Success is sometimes found on the off-roads of life,” entirely defines her personality.

Her debut novel ‘Just Once’ is available on Amazon and Hubooktique website as a paperback, Amazon Kindle, Google Play and Google Books as an ebook.

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