Presenting the Top 40 Most Talented Writers Of 2022 (Phase 2)

1.     Nandita Chakraborty

 Nandita Chakraborty is an Indian Australian screenwriter and author of two novels, Rosemary’s Retribution and Meera Rising. Her new book, Dirty Little Secrets takes the form of a memoir and brings her readers on a journey through the past ten years of her life. Born and raised in India, Nandita’s late father has won many accolades in the Indian cinematic industry, which has in turn fuelled her interest in screenwriting. At present, Nandita has several screenwriting projects in the pipeline with a prolific Indian director. She is also an aspiring documentary film maker.

Nandita lives in Melbourne and works as a library officer while also writing feature articles for two of Melbourne’s leading Indian newspapers, G’Day India and Indian Weekly. Nandita’s new book, Dirty Little Secrets, is a memoir of the past ten years of her life. It is a story about a woman trying to find her place between the two worlds of Australia and India. Falling prey to an online scammer in her search for love online, the story dives headlong into a scandal and opens a Pandora’s box of discussions on relationships, shame and bullying.  When Nandita first started writing her memoir, it was for personal reasons, and so, she delved deep into many personal details of her life without reservation. As time went on, however, she felt that her story needed to be told to a larger audience, as many other women were in the same boat as her, turning to the online realm to look for love.

From searching for love and getting burnt by it, in Dirty Little Secrets, Nandita lives and learns lessons in life, love and loss. Candidly, she discusses her traumatic accident and the processes of healing, both physically and mentally. She emerges through her ordeal, stronger and more resilient; and open once, again, to finding love.

 Dirty little Secrets A Memoir is a Cleverfox Publishing release; released in February 2022

2.    Anirban Dutta

After a sudden arrival to the world of fictional writing after a long disconnect, Anirban’s journey in the world of non-fiction writing started with authoring the chapter ‘Living Dead’ in the book ‘Uddan-The Rise’. Anirban, despite being a starter, continued to author various anthologies from romance to nature. He is also featured on social media channels as the nominee for the ‘Most Inspiring Writer Award’ at the Hubooktique Eminence Award, 2022.  He is currently complying with a book based on travel.

Anirban as a post-graduate student of International Studies at the Symbiosis School of International Studies, is interested in cyber security and South Asia.

3.    Ajay Pant

 Major General Ajay Pant a Veteran with 38 years of service in the Indian Army, is an alumnus of the National Defence Academy, Pune. After retirement from the Army in 2017, he worked in National Technical Research Organisation till 2021. Currently, he resides in Gurgaon and is working on his second book.

Major General Ajay Pant has served in the Army at various locations all over India and has held several Command and Staff appointments. He has commanded an Armoured Regiment, an Armoured Brigade and an Armoured Division. Highly qualified with BTech, ME, MMS and MPhil in Management, he has been an Instructor at the Military College of Telecommunication Engineering and College of Defence Management.

During the Kargil war, he was posted at Rajauri and later as a Brigadier, he was the Defence Adviser to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, based at the Embassy of India, Berlin. His experiences at Rajauri and Berlin have inspired him to write ‘The Indian Warrior’, an action-packed fiction thriller published in 2022.

The story spans from counter-terrorism operations in India to crime and suspense in Berlin. The protagonist Major Abhishay of Special Forces is eliminating terrorists in the ominous forests of Rajauri. Grievously injured, he resigns after being declared unfit. The story then moves on to the genre of crime and suspense in Berlin where his quest for the truth about events four years ago lead him to dangerous confrontations and the truth finally unravels.

The fast-paced riveting book blending reality with fiction brings out how the Army operates in counter-terror operations in India. The bravery determination and emotion of the fictional characters are a reflection of what men in uniform who risk their lives for the security of our Nation go through every day..

4.    Ashwin Karthik

Ashwin Karthik established himself as a true achiever from the very moment of his birth. He was born with a deficient supply of oxygen, which resulted in a crippling and life-long condition called cerebral palsy. He is a quadriplegic, with the severest form of cerebral palsy that affects all four limbs. But, as though to balance his misfortune, he is blessed with an indomitable spirit and the will to take on an almost impossible challenge of leading and succeeding in a world full of people without disadvantages. From his schools days, Ashwin’s record reflects what he has been striving to do earnestly. In 1999, Ashwin scored 84% in his SSLC exams; the highest percentage ever scored by a student with cerebral palsy. In 2003, he received the National Scholarship for his engineering studies, given to just one physically challenged student across the entire country. He is the first quadriplegic cerebral palsy student in India to have become an engineering graduate. Ashwin worked with Mphasis for 7.5 years and then served ANZ almost 4 years as a business analyst. Currently is working in the capacity of an Advisor to project Management at DellEMC.

Ashwin is indeed a poet. He writes poetry in English, Kannada and Hindi.

Below are the awards with he has been recognized with:

Awarded with the young Achiever award by Rotary Midtown and Brigade group in the year 2009.

Veer Savarkar award in the year 2009.

Determination Icon of the year by Yuva Bengaluru award in the year 2010.

Best Physically Challenged individual in India by National trus in the year 2010.(national award)

Helen Keller award 2011. (National Award) for being the Role model.

Positive Health award in the year 201by Dr Bathra’s.

Best Employee Award given by the government of India and presented by President of India in the year 2013.

2014 – Bangalore Youth Icon

2015 – Karamveer Puraskar High Achiever Award (Delhi)

2016 – Keynote speaker at Amazing Indians Times Now Group event (Delhi), where Prime Minister Narendra Modi was chief guest

Co-author of the book “The Relic the eternal search”

Lyicist for the Kannada movie “Traya”(2019).

Nipman Foundation & Microsoft Equal Opportunity Award 2019.

5.    Hitesh Trehon

He has always been passionate about writing fiction. He could not pursue this passion after joining the merchant navy. Having commanded ships for 10 years, He later left and started his own shipyard to build ships. In the course of his successful tenure, he added another shipyard in Karnataka.

He is a recipient of ‘Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding contribution to the Maritime Industry’. In 2020, he left his flourishing business by handing over the two shipyards to his two sons to operate independently of each other. Being free, he pursued his passion and his first novel ‘LICA’ was published in mid 2021. His latest book ‘Too Late to Repent’ was published recently.

6.    Bhagyashri Kuber Patrikar

 Bhagyashri Kuber Patrikar is a science graduate and art enthusiast from Pune, India. Bhagyashri has been associated with top IT firms as a IT Professional. Putting her papers down at the peak of her career in IT to attend to her kids and mother of two kids. Bhagyashri turned into a self-motivated entrepreneur and began selling handcrafted pots. The choice to deal in art came spontaneously as she has always nurtured a love for painting. Bhagyashri is also a recognised poet in Marathi, English and Hindi from her college times. Her literary works have been published in numerous local magazines. Bhagyashri’s has been also bestowed with the title of ‘Mrs. Most Diligent’ in all India VPR Mrs. India 2021 grand finale, hosted at Ahmedabad, India. 

She self-published her book “WORDS OF THE HEART: Inspired Life Lines” which is available on amazon and, which was also listed in bestseller list. Being selected as the featured person under the section – MUST READ BOOK for ASPIRING ACHIEVERS – MAY-JUN 2022 Edition.

She has also received “Indian Glory Awards 2021” for “Creative Enterpreneur for Arts & Crafts” and received “DR. RAJENDRA PRASAD NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2022 – A NATIONAL LEVEL AWARD.” In  “Iconic Women” category. She has also received “Best Women Personality of the Year Award” 2021 on behalf of the Women Icon.

7.    Daphny Nianghoi

Daphny is born and raised in North-East India, Manipur.  She is an introvert who found her passion in writing, Lab. Technician by day and writer by night. She fell in love with writing because it helps her express herself without any limits. She hopes you find solace and comfort in her poems.

8.    Nitesh Kumar Jain

Nitesh Kumar Jain (1987) born in the tea state of Assam, India did his matriculation from Carmel School, Jorhat Assam. He pursued Chemical Engineering from BITS Pilani, Goa in 2010 and did his post graduation from ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Currently he resides in Jorhat, Assam with his family and manages a Silk firm.

His debut novel ‘The Seventh Cup’ is a mystery thriller loosely based on The Universal Law of Attraction. The novel is a perfect blend of mystery and philosophy and is being appreciated worldwide for its unique storyline. It is being translated in Assamese and Hindi language as well.

9.    Dr Deepak Rosha

Writing has always come easy for Dr Deepak Rosha, a pulmonologist working in Indraprastha apollo Hospitals. He has been writing since school days. During his busy working schedule, he found it easier to pen poetry, his friends who read his musings often urged him to publish them. He finally did put together a collection of poems and self-published a book on Amazon titled ‘So much to say’. Still there were many ideas in his mind for novels which needed muchmore time to develop. Dr Deepak also had to find time to write his research papers which took priority. As his hospital is a teaching hospital there were additional academic commitments. The covid pandemic finally gave time to the doctor to pen his stories. According to him the books wrote themselves as he got into the flow.

He has written five books so far, three of which have been published. All are different stories written in an easy ironically humorous style. The first book ‘Raja of nowhere’ is about a baby kidnapped in Lahore
undivided India. His family finally finds him seventy years later. He is now the prince of an erstwhile kingdom. The story goes back and forthn in time as it unfolds finally ending in murder. The second book is called ‘The Saga of spy X13’. This a story of two schoolboys who are egged on by a mysterious spy during the 1965 Indo-Pak war carry out a series of pranks that ultimately lead to disaster. ‘The college conventions’ is his third book that is about an unruly rowdy college where two students have killed themselves in a suicide pact. Nobody seems much concerned. The protagonist Rohan has a secret
agenda that he must carry out. His two other books are soon to be published.

10. Chahat Jain

Chahat Jain is a married woman of 27 years, who has had a passion for writing for a very long time, yet it was never a dream for her to be a writer because of lack of interest. She merely wrote random quotes whenever she felt like it. But after being pushed in the right direction by those who recognized this talent of hers, writing became more of a passion for her rather than a hobby. Her biggest inspiration has been the people around her, who have been by her side throughout her entire journey till now. But her writing style is an amalgamation of various shades of life, listening to the stories of people from different walks of life and empathizing with their emotions, sometimes even her own emotions inspire her to write. Other times, either reading a book gets her creative juices flowing, or it is an ‘on-the-spot’ sort of a plot that comes to her mind. An avid reader since childhood, she believes in the concept of showing rather than telling, and tries to apply that in her stories as well. According to her “Never let that fire inside you get diminished because that is the only thing that will not only motivate you but also strengthen your will to become a great author, the one that you desire to be. So write, write as much as you can. Don’t just stick to one writing style or genre, keep on experimenting. Don’t feel intimidated or afraid to show what you imagine to your readers.” A very hardworking person at heart, she thrives to give her best when reaching out to others. She likes to think out of the box and wishes to accomplish her goal of getting her thoughts to reach people all across the globe through her writing.

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