The author, Salim Hansa, questions the use of religion, the existence God and the relevance of religions.

The protagonist of the book, An MBA student by profession and a writer by passion, Kabir falls in love with Nilam, a fiercely independent and headstrong girl. Love blossoms between the two of them ignoring their different cultures, caste and financial as well as social structures. After an infinite amount of staying apart the two finally meet.

But is everything as it is supposed to be? Will the two have a love story that will break the society’s thinking?
The author has even portrayed very powerful questions like,

Are all marriage between a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl are Love Jihad?

Is there a God there ?

Can you find your God through someone else’s religion?

If at all religion is needed?

A love story laced with drama, emotions and suspense! A love story that revolves around God, religion, interfaith marriage. Find out the answers and the MASTER PLAN!

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