Social media is an essential part of our lives at this point, and businesses, organisations, authorities and more definitely understand its importance.

At this point, practically every single person or organisation of importance has various social media accounts, through which they often share updates, urgent notices, interact with the public on their grievances and more.

But there was a time when such accounts were extremely clinical, cold and to the point. There was not really much to see in them besides just technical jargon about something or the other. However, that is quickly changing with most of these accounts opting for a human and relatable approach.

Something that is earning the Goa Electricity Department’s Twitter account a lot of love recently.

What Is Up With This Twitter Account?

On 26th April, the Twitter account went viral for a reply to a tweet talking about the recent frequent power cuts in Goa. To this, the account replied with a hilarious “I also have no lights and would be anytime fadding aways from you all until supply restored and mobile and laptop charged (sic).”

When they got a reply of “What?” they responded saying “Why What??? or why surprise??? I am also a consumer like you now out of office but only a dept person on twitter. No special service to me I go through the same route as you all to find better solutions and to pass it on if any (sic).”

Although that tweet has now been deleted, for unknown reasons, but it quickly caught the eye of many. That along with another tweet by the department asking the meaning of the slang word ‘bestie’ has endeared many towards the account.

The people are certainly loving this type of interaction from the Twitter account and liking the person handling it all.

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It has certainly become common for various such official handles to engage with the public in an extremely relatable and humorous manner. Gone are the days when bot replies were the norm, these days people are appreciating such human interaction especially if they use relevant and current memes or pop-culture references.

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