I think I speak for 90% of the population when I say that we’re all crazy fanatics when it comes to movies or series with plots consisting of aliens and demons and a sense of thrill laced with adventure. Throw in a small town and a bunch of kids and you’ve got yourself a rollercoaster of titillation.

Stranger Things is one such series that will keep you at the very edge of your seats. With references from the early 90s gothic culture intertwined with monsters from Greek mythology, Stranger Things is a plethora of spine-chilling adventures.

The official poster of Stranger Things Season 1

So far we have had three seasons with the fourth season on its way to hit Netflix on 27th May. However, in case you haven’t seen the new trailer for season 4, you are missing out on a lot. Not only are there easter eggs to be found in the trailer but the crazy theories that fans are coming up with are absolutely insane!

Before we delve further into it, for the layman here is a brief synopsis of what Stranger Things is all about.

A Brief Synopsis Of Stranger Things Minus The Spoilers!

The cast of Stranger Things

Set in the 1980s, in a small town named Hawkins where everyone knows everyone, a peculiar incident starts a chain of events that leads to the disappearance of a child, which begins to tear at the fabric of an otherwise peaceful community. Dark government agencies and seemingly malevolent supernatural forces converge on the town, while a few of the locals begin to understand that there’s more going on than meets the eye.

Hawkin’s Lab

A young boy, Will Byers, goes missing near a top-secret government laboratory. On the same night, a strange young girl appears at a diner in the town. She has telekinetic powers and is on the run from the laboratory. The laboratory is researching supernatural phenomena and may have unwittingly unlocked a gateway to another dimension, releasing the most terrifying and spine-chilling creatures that it was holding.


The best part of the series is that the responsibility of saving the world falls upon the shoulders of six children, three teenagers and two adults. Exciting, isn’t it? Every season ends with a huge boom that keeps the audience desiring for more.

However, judging by the new trailer of season 4, it is going to be legendary.

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Crazy Fan theories Regarding The New Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer

Stranger Things Season 4 has been divided into two volumes. The first volume is supposed to be released on 27th May with the second one on 1st July. However, let’s talk about a few theories that just might prove to be true:

Stranger Things Might Incorporate Freddy Krueger From The Movie A Nightmare On Elm Street

Robert Englund – who played the role of Freddy Krueger in the 1980s movie A NIghtmare On Elm Street

In the trailer, you must have noticed a very short scene where an old man has his eyes sewn shut. This man is none other than Robert Englund who played the character of Freddy Krueger in the 1980 movie A Nightmare On Elm Street. Freddy Krueger is a burned phantom who kills people in their sleep. Thereby, having his eyes sewn shut must be a way to keep him from a murderous spree. Thereby, it is being widely speculated that the 1980s cult classic must have a role to play in this season.

Freddy Krueger

The Mind Flayer Absorbed Eleven’s Powers

The mind flayer in its meaty form

In the last episode of season 3, one of the tentacles on the Mind Flayer had managed to wiggle under Eleven’s skin thereby making her weak. There is much talk about how this tentacle absorbed most of her powers and whatever little was left, she used it all to close the gate – evidently not quite well.

Eleven uses her powers to close the gate

The Monster Vecna Just Might Be An Alternate Version Of Will Byers

The trailer ends with a corpse that has tentacles and says, “You have lost.” The creators of the show Duffer Brothers along with Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen, and Iain Paterson have confirmed that the monster is Vecna. Vecna was a sorcerer who turned himself into an undead abomination known as a lich only to eventually ascend to godhood in Dungeons and Dragons (the game played most by the group in stranger things).


It is being speculated that Will and Billy are alternate versions of each other. They share the same name, and they were both possessed by the mind flayer. Vecna could also be an alternate version of them, or a reanimated corpse of Billy. Or future Will. Will the Wise is a wizard, and Vecna in Dungeons and Dragons lore is also a wizard.

Billy Hargrove and Will Byers

The House Shown In The Trailer Is The One From Stephen King’s Highly Notorious Novel – Rose Red House

According to the fandom, the rose stain glass is most definitely a reference to Stephen King’s Rose Red house, which is a scary murder house, where Dr. Joyce Reardon, a psychology professor, who enlists a team of psychics to investigate an allegedly haunted estate. In their hopes of finding proof of paranormal activity, the group awakens the dark forces, though dormant, within the Rose Red mansion.

However, in the series, it is the house of Victor Creel. At some point in March of 1959, Victor and his family moved into a house. They noticed their lights flickering while eating dinner.

Victor Creel killed his own children

Soon after, Victor stood at the doorway with his children lying by him, dead. At some point in 1986, he got his eyes gouged out from his skull.

Creel House

Oh and Victor Creel is played by Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) himself! I can’t wait to see how the creators incorporated the crossover.

The Clocks Might Allude To Time Travel By Jim Hopper

Jim Hopper’s death was never portrayed on screen, so it’s possible that he ended up in the Upside Down and emerged in a different time period at the end of season three. Netflix has since released new clips from the ‘50s era, including the part in the season 4 trailer that shows a newspaper printed “March 1959,” but that’s not the only hint that relates to time travel.

Clock in the Creel House

One fan pointed out on Reddit that Back to the Future was referenced in season three. (Remember when Dustin and his pals snuck into a packed theatre during the movie’s premiere?) Plus, Hopper mentioned wanting to “turn back the clock” in his emotional letter to Eleven. So, it’s possible these scenes told us a whole lot more than we realized at the time.

Jim Hopper

To conclude, these five theories don’t even begin to conclude the myriads of bizarre theories out there right now, but these will do. If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet then you might want to get a grip on it since the endgame is here. 

Disclaimer: This article is fact-checked.

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