Today we will talk about Navneet Kaur who is a well-known interior designer and also the owner of Navneet Kaur Design. Before knowing Navneet’s work, let us know about her past life. Navneet is from New Delhi. Initially, she completed her studies at Father Agnel School and then completed her post-graduation from JD College of Fashion Technology.

Navneet has explored many different types of common areas in fashion and interior. She also opened her fashion store where she lives her dreams. After this she moved to New Zealand to achieve her goals where she realized that interiors are also a part of fashion, so why not try something new in it? After returning from New Zealand, she completed her post-graduation from JD College of Fashion Technology, and after that, she did an internship at Casa Paradox where she came up with clean modern aesthetic designs. She has designed DLF properties including Magnolias, Camellias – some of the biggest projects in the country.

Now Navneet has her own company named Navneet Kaur Design is a design firm with has a team of highly talented and qualified designers who work cooperatively to create interesting interior designs. There are many problems at the beginning of any business and the same happened with Navneet There is a lot of competition in the field of interior, new designs come every day but Navneet’s talent and experience supported her and her company got a big name.

One of Navneet kaur’s strengths is her ability to handle a wide range of projects. She is one of the most versatile interior designers due to the variety of her work. In fact, she can makeover residences, offices or even bars with equal proficiency whether they are small or large.

The company handles turnkey projects. They do it because they give it a second thought, their enthusiasm is to create a space that reflects your vision and brings joy and peace. They care for individuals by creating spaces where they feel comfortable, they have all the expertise to put your psyche at ease through their design process. Here’s an expanse of stylish design, enterprise executives, and specialized illustration abilities, guaranteeing that their activities are on time spent planning, and in line with your vision. Every work of Navneet Kaur Design is done under the supervision of experts, they do every work very meticulously and keep the client’s taste in mind.

If we talk about Navneet’s inspiration, then her inspiration is her dreams. She gets a lot of inspiration by seeing her goals and she keeps on working towards fulfilling her goals. Her list of future goals of Navneet is very long she has to go further in the business of restaurant and hospitality. She wants to expand her business worldwide and travel all over the world.

Her latest endeavor is a home decor line. A one stop shop for luxurious decor.

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