Today was an intense political day, what with every media sector only and only talking about the results of the Assembly Elections 2022 held in India.

5 states and several parties, all gunning for the majority seats in each state, trying to outrun the other in order to form their own government in the state. Of course, the love of the seat of power will make literally every politician be suddenly filled with energy and will to work, something they very conveniently are missing the rest of the time.

But in the midst of every media sector intensely focused on who was winning and who was losing, which state would be forming a government from which party and more, suddenly on Twitter, Archana Puran Singh started to trend.

This indeed confused many since Singh is not really in news all that much, and that too the fact that she managed to trend among all the other more talked about political trends was cause for much awe.

Why was she trending?

It all started from the minute it became apparent that Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu had lost his set from Punjab’s Amritsar East region.

The exit polls had earlier only stated that AAP would be winning in Punjab, but the counting of votes and the final result confirmed it further. This and Sidhu’s resignation from his post of Punjab Congress chief only further helped to make ‘Archana Puran Singh’ trend.

The reason for the trend itself was the shared connection Sidhu and Archana have with the comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show. Before Archana, Sidhu had acted as a guest judge of sorts on the show for several years before he left in 2019.

Post this Archana Puran Singh took over his place and has been a part of the show ever since. With Sidhu’s defeat in the elections and resignation, in a hilarious turn, netizens started to wonder if Sidhu would now want his ‘seat’ at the comedy show back and whether Archana should be worried about her job’s future or not.

Among all the political posts, this was an extremely humourous take on the results and got so popular that it has been trending since morning.

Archana Puran Singh herself even shared several of the memes on her own Instagram.

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What do you think, will Sidhu be able to win back the seat he lost many moons ago? No, not the election seat, but one more prestigious than that… the Kapil Sharma Show seat.

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