Sheril Mutsamba is a 17 year old female from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe who is currently venturing in various projects in order to assist with bills payment. She has started a small business that focuses on making cleaning detergents such as dishwashing liquid, pine jelly, toilet cleaner and lots more.

“I learnt a lot of things which include how to save money, writing business plans, how to manage them, and making my business professional”, she said. Sheril is also a poet who has been featured in various books as a co-author and has somehow developed her poetic skills. She has always wanted to be someone who focuses on social works that will enable her to “voice out’ to the public and even become a mouth piece for those with unheard voices. Before she started selling detergents, she was writing poems as part of her hobby and also was focusing on her studies. Her source of motivation was one of the CALAs that she had been tasked with during her learning course in 2021. The CALA focused on advertising a product of your own choice and she chose the detergents. However, after thinking it through, Sheril thought it would be an interesting business to start during her Form 4 break. She named her products after her nickname, “Sheznana”.

“Each success has some failure along the way, and I believe I will come across dark days but will eventually make it out through the tunnel and establish a steady market for my products”, she said. It has become her main objective to push forward and succeed with what she has started during her break and is willing to put it out there in the market. As a person who is new to a business at a tender age, she is hoping for the best and is bold to advertise her product. She also added on that she is now able to create more detergents as some of her company profiles had been accepted by other businesses and are willing to try out her products and support her financial growth.

“I am so grateful for my family for empowering me by providing their love, support and financial help in order for me to achieve my goal.

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