March 10, every year is observed as World Kidney Day, in order to raise awareness about good kidney health and to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems. The day is a global health awareness campaign that is marked on the 2nd Thursday in March. The small bean-shaped organs perform many functions like removing wastes and toxins, excess water from bloodstreams, making hormones to produce red blood cells, and turning vitamin D into its active form, so it’s usable in the body. Hence, it is very important that you should have a proper diet plan and lifestyle in order to keep your kidney healthy. World Kidney Day 2022 Date, Theme & Significance: Symptoms, Causes & Preventive Measures to Raise Awareness About Kidney Health.

But for people with bad kidneys, also called renal disease, eating a healthy diet means having to make adjustments, perhaps no longer consuming a favorite meal or drink. But why should you stop consuming some food items if you suffer from any chronic kidney disease? We have the answer. Given below is the list of food items that you should stop purchasing from the market right now for the sake of your kidneys. Tips to Keep Kidneys Healthy: 9 Golden Rules You MUST Follow To Stay Away From Kidney Disease.

Foods That Are High In Potassium 

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One should avoid fruits and vegetables that have a high potassium content as potassium puts stress on your kidneys. Fruits like bananas, avocados, oranges, melons, prunes, and tomatoes should be avoided.

Alcoholic Drinks 

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The Kidney needs a lot of strength to filter out the toxins and its work gets even more if you consume alcohol as it dehydrates the body.

Dairy Products 

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Dairy products are high in protein. It may be important to limit dairy intake to avoid the buildup of protein waste in the blood which ultimately increases the work of kidneys.

Processed Meats

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Processed meats and some fresh meat can have added phosphorus, salt and have a high protein content. Therefore, red meats or processed meats should be consumed in moderation on a renal diet.

Apart from these food items, one should have 10-12 glasses of water each day, avoid over-exertion of muscles, take an adequate amount of fiber, and limit the salt intake.

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