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All my life I have been chastised for overthinking because “It won’t lead to anything good.” Yes, fine. Overthinking does not help, but I am tired of people thinking that I partake in it on purpose.

Overthinking does have many drawbacks but it is not something voluntary that I have chosen for myself so asking me to “Just stop overthinking. It is easy” is definitely not the solution everyone thinks it to be.

Why Do I Overthink?

I was diagnosed with clinical depression at the age of 15 which eventually became a gateway to anxiety. Now, my mental illness and the way it affects me is not something I can deliberately control. 

My brain is wired to cause me discomfort in my daily life and it is not an easy feat to live with at times. Over the past five years, I have tried to do away with the effects of depression and most of the times I have failed. However, the few times I succeeded gave me hope and directions for the future.

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Overthinking about every little thing is the default setting my mind works in. The situation has escalated to the point of anxiety attacks and depression’s best friend, migraines. So, how do I live through these days?

I have tried to compartmentalize the feelings overthinking brings forth and only look at the positives. My overthinking helps me be organized because I keep thinking about the consequences of the contrary, it helps me submit my assignments on time because I keep worrying about the due date which leads me to finish my work beforehand and most importantly, it enables me to be punctual because I keep worrying about being late and missing appointments!

What About The Times It Doesn’t Work?

Unfortunately, not all the days look the same. Sometimes a migraine takes over which leads me to lose an entire day due to the debilitating pain and some other times my overthinking has led to anxiety attacks and panic attacks which have been a tad difficult to get through.

However, forcefully looking at the positive side of things has helped me get through most days. Mental illnesses are a tricky slope and everybody does not have the same reactions to things so I recommend you to take your time and figure out a method that works the best for you and to remember that you are definitely not alone!

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