Presenting the Top 40 Most Talented Writers Of 2022 (Phase 1)

  1. Rakhi Kapoor

A writer by passion Rakhi’s debut book “The Girl Who Was left behind” was published in the year 2017 based on her experiences having failed to complete a trek in the Nepal and getting stranded at a small town at 12000 feet above sea level. Like a rising phoenix Rakhi then gathered herself to write more meaningful books in various genres and continued trekking other mountains. Termed a serial author by her publishing team Rakhi has published 21 books in a span of five years. F stand for Success is her 19th book capturing the experiences on her trek and also sharing the wisdom gained from those experiences.

Rakhi is an entrepreneur. She co-founded the popular Men’s Fashion Brand called Derby along with her husband which is based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Building a brand from scratch her entrepreneurship experiences and lessons are recorded in her books “ The Horse Shoe Man and Decimus.

  1. Niraja Bandi

Niraja Bandi has been working as a people’s manager for the past 22 years. She boasts of vast experience in the financial services industry, more so in the management domain. Having recently completed an executive management development program through IIM, she currently has a broad base of knowledge, which allows her to explore many topics.

Some of her key interests include contributing to academics, mentoring team members, advocating for women’s empowerment, and making society a better place. Traveling, listening to good music, watching cricket and badminton, reading, and participating in charity events are some of her favorite hobbies. That aside, she enjoys clicking pictures regularly, even though she is not a professional photographer.

  1. R Giridharan

Giridharan is a multifaceted personality who wears several hats. A General Manager with Reserve Bank of India, he is also a behavioral trainer. A Post Graduate in Psychology, he is a certified Counselor. He is also an international radio commentator on All India Radio and TV panelist.
His book leaves readers pondering over a diabolical killer’s unique methods of murders. All these methods are never heard of before. They are completely original.The author visited morgues, talked to forensic experts, read books on toxicology and spent days with a snake charmer. The book is remarkable for the field work and research that went into it.

  1. Sneha Jain

She is a 20 year old author and writer from the City of Karnal , Haryana.She started writing in the year 2020 and got her debut book “The Visionary Lights from a Dark Mind” published in August 2020. The book contains different types of easily readable and relatable poems, all about the real world with a hint of imagination. Her second book : “She- The Withered Flower” , a kindle book is a collection of poems , which depict the various things that the female gender goes through. It is a step to raise voice against the cruelty , the girls and the women face in this world, hence showing how the female gender suffers yet blooms with a little sunshine of respect and love.Both of her authored books are available globally.One can find her on instagram-@sneha.jain25

  1. Epsita Patnaik

Epsita Patnaik is a director at Orilooms Pvt. Ltd., a handloom export company. She has worked for various Mnc’s before embarking on a journey to self discovery. She is very passionate about dancing and loves to travel. She is a voracious reader and loves to pen down her thoughts. She believes in positivity and kindness. She lives with her husband and 8 year old (Illustrator of this book) in Hyderabad, Telangana.

6 . Pallavi Lumba

Pallavi Lumba is a freelance writer who has exposure in Television and OTT medium. In the year 2000, she wrote “A Bird in the Sky”, and “Takes a Man to Own Up” and “A New and Bright Dawn to the Cricketing Season” as a Guest Columnist and Wanna Be Writer for Rediff.Com and Click Cricket respectively. In 2021, she ventured into the realm of novels as a co-author of anthologies. The same year, Pallavi launched her website, With her writings, she seeks to instil hope, compassion, joy, courage, light, love, and laughter in the lives of individuals all over the globe. Her Instagram and Twitter id is @pallavilumba.

  1. Kaushiki Sarkar

Kaushiki Sarkar is an earthling since 11th May, 2004. She was born in Kolkata, India.She is Nyctophiliac.She buried her thoughts and emotions inside her until she started writing. In the year 2020, she started writing. Writing is her antidote and passion.
She was featured in various magazines, Taare Zameen Par, Elysian Magazine, Feather and Tridesta Magazine. She has won many awards as a writer, Ambitious Awards, Ace Of Initiative awards, Spotlight Awards, Global Iconic Women Awards, Shahanshah Got Talent Award, Sparkling Scribbler Of The Year 2021, Crystal Of The Year Award and Invincible Persona Awards.

8 . Kavita Misra

Kavita Misra is a teacher by choice, a writer and motivational speaker by passion. She has co-authored around 20 anthologies, and has compiled one of her own. She writes and speaks about issues like gender bias, prejudices, parent-child relationship, single parent, gratitude and positive thinking. Kavita is often invited as Special guest/ judge at open mics and other events.

  1. Deenabandhu S Adi

Deenabandhu S Adi, Gadag from Karnataka and he is love to write, writing is his passion with reading. He wrote 2books in English, one is Feelings Pouring Down another one is At the coffee table. He love to solo traveling and participate in more than 7 anthologies, works to be recognises for every writer.

10 . Pausali Mukherjee

Pausali Mukherjee, is born and raised in a suburb near Kolkata. She is an Educator by profession. She had published her debut book “Flip to Fillip” in 2020 through the Xpress Publishing Platform of Notion Press. Her second book “Versofiction” was traditionally released worldwide in 2021 by Astitva Prakashan. Her third book “Sugar-Quoted – A book on few quotes”, has recently been published and the fourth book “Poetic Potpourri” is about to be published soon by Instant Publication.

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