Shark Tank India has been a much discussed topic on social media ever since it started to air in December 2021. The Indian version of the American show that has various entrepreneurs pitch their business idea to a team of ‘Sharks’ or investors who have their own successful businesses or conglomerates was something that was interesting to see in the Indian landscape.

Given the rise of startups in the country and how Indian entrepreneurs and business starters are being promoted, the concept of the show had interested many people.

Some wanted to get some inside look into the business and entrepreneur sector, some wanted to know about more Indian businesses while some just wanted to see if the Indian version would have as much drama and entertainment as the American or various other versions.

The drama thing kind of became obvious when Roadies fame Rannvijay Singha was brought on as host and judges like Ashneer Grover and such quickly showed that there would be no dearth of entertainment.

Hundreds of memes have probably been made about some of the iconic lines from the judges but Rannvijay’s standard line about the free upGrad courses to the contestants remains golden till yet.

It was proven once more recently when a clip of his from a recent episode of the show was posted online.

Rannvijay Giving upGrad Course To Whom?

It all started when this video went viral:

In the clip, Rannvijay is seen telling a contestant that he has gotten a free upGrad course that he can take as per his own convenience. The hilarious part though is that the contestant himself is an IIT-PhD and an electrical engineer just at the age of 26.

Of course, it resulted in a lot of people mememing and trolling Rannvijay for the constant promotion of UpGrad courses to the contestants at the show.

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The thing is this whole joke is not even that new. The constant promotion of upGrad courses by Rannvijay on the show and his now steady line to contestants about getting a free course there had been great fodder for jokes and memes since almost the start of the show.

Rannvijay has himself poked fun at this situation on his social media using videos and reels.

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