It is not uncommon in India to see foreign actors’ faces being used for random local businesses. From Justin Beiber to Orlando Bloom to Beyonce to Angelina Jolie and so many more are often seen in advertisement boards and banners of local businesses, often them being a salon or tailoring shop.

In the beginning, it used to be a cause of laughter, but over time it became almost common place. Pretty sure these people were just using any random image off of the internet, taking images that showed really pretty (and white) people as a way to lure in customers.

But it seems that a similar thing done by a hospital in Kerala has resulted in them getting the brunt of massive backlash and criticism. Apparently, the Vadakara Cooperative Hospital in Kerala has been under the scanner ever since an advertisement board of theirs went viral for featuring an image of veteran American actor Morgan Freeman.

What Happened?

Vadakara Cooperative Hospital is situated in the Kozhikode district of Kerala and had recently installed an ad board outside their premises promoting some new skincare services they had. The issue was that the image they had used to show ‘a problematic skin’ was that of Morgan Freeman.

Under his image, the advertisement board stated that “Get your skin tags, DPNs, warts, milia, molluscum and comedones removed through simple procedures easily in a single visit.”

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A lot of people online were quick to jump on this and call out the hospital for their insulting advertisement.

On Facebook, film critic GP Ramachandran had commented that “Vadakara ‘Co-operative’ Hospital is a disgrace and an insult to the great co-operative sector in Kerala,” and that this was “An insult to the worldview of the Malayalis.”

In the aftermath of all this and the resulting backlash, the hospital was quick to issue an apology and remove the advertisement. As per The Indian Express, T Sunil, marketing head of Vadakara Cooperative hospital gave a statement telephonically that

“A dermatologist joined our Out Patient Department recently. In order to publicise that there are skincare treatment facilities at the hospital, the board was installed and kept there for four days. A local designer created it. Due to a lack of knowledge and seriousness, the board was carelessly installed in front of the OPD. A person inquired why Nelson Mandela’s photo was printed for the ad. After that, we removed it on Saturday.”

He further added that “However, the ad went viral on social media by Sunday. We extended our apology on Facebook. We understand that Freeman is a great artist, admired by many people across the world. We sincerely say sorry for the lack of knowledge.” 

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Sources: NDTV, The Indian Express, Moneycontrol

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