Black Friday 2021, biggest sale season in the US: Tips to shop sitting in India

Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season in the US. It is the biggest sale season in the US. Sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer shoppers some of the year’s best discounts across categories. Now some websites as well as retail stores in India too have started holding Black Friday sales. However, if you are keen shopping on international websites, there are several websites that allow you to shop from the US sitting right in India and get the products delivered at your doorstep. Here are some handy tips not to miss while shopping on international websites sitting in India.



How can I shop from international websites sitting in India

Yes, you can order from international websites right sitting in India. While some websites directly ship to India, for others, you will have to arrange for delivery by contacting a courier or shipping service. Yes, you can order from international websites right sitting in India. While some websites directly ship to India, for others, you will have to arrange for delivery by contacting a courier or shipping service.



When is Black Friday 2021

Black Friday falls on November 26 this year.



Are there any websites offering Black Friday deals in India

Yes, some websites are offering Black Friday deals in India. These include Amazon Global store and, There’s a website called that claims to find Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and sales in India. Some websites also offer free shipping above a certain amount.



Which are the international shopping websites that ship to India

There are several international websites that deliver to India. The names include Amazon US, Macy’s, eBay, and However, among most websites that deliver overseas, only a few ship goods at no extra cost. Most charge additional shipping costs.



What is the way to shop from websites that don’t deliver to India

Yes there are websites like BorderLinx, and provide shoppers with a US postal address where you can ship items to before having them delivered to India. Courier companies like Aramex, Fedex and DHL too provide similar facility. And yes, all these websites do this for a fee.



Are there extra import duties/custom charges

Yes, since you would be shipping products to India, it is likely to attract customs/import duty and other taxes on products above a certain value (Rs 50,000 for gadgets and electronics). So, before buying products calculate the final price after considering import taxes.



Is import duty calculated on invoice cost

Shoppers should also note that calculation of the import duty is done based on the ‘assessed value’ of the imported item and not its ‘invoice value’. This means that even if the invoice value is $400, and assessed value is $450, it is $450 that you will have to pay the import duty on.



Watch the weight

Be careful of the weight of the products you order. As ordering heavy stuff can increase shipping cost. Once a product crosses 5 pounds (2.27kg); the shipping rates in most cases almost doubles. Also, make sure you include the cost of the package as well in the shipping cost, not just that of the product. Remember that you will have to pay for the weight of the entire package and not just the product.



Do the research before shopping

Before you jump and click the buy button, make sure you have compared the prices, added delivery delivery charges and customs duty to get the most value-for-money deal.



Shoppers need to get KYC done to get products shipped

All courier agencies will require you to get your KYC done to ship products. This means that buyers will have to share a government ID as address proof for the products to be delivered.



Do the currency conversion

Most of websites now allow Indian shoppers to buy foreign wares in rupees, but some may not do so. So, it is important to consider the impact of currency conversion on all products you purchase.



You can check applicable customs duty online

Shoppers can check the applicable customs duty rates on government’s website,

It lists all various tax slabs across product categories.

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