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AHMEDABAD: In an irony of sorts, while the kin of thousands of Covid-19 victims struggle to prove that their family member died of coronavirus to claim Rs 50,000 ex gratia from the government, there is a section of people who are forced to take up a legal battle to establish that their viral pneumonia was not due to Covid-19 so that their hospitalisation charges can be reimbursed totally.
Dilip Koradoya, a resident of Rajkot’s Dhoraji, had to approach Rajkot district consumer dispute redressal commission after the insurance company deducted half of the bill amount of his son Meet’s treatment for viral pneumonia citing the government’s circular capping hospital charges for Covid hospitalisation. It was only after the insurance firm was sued that it settled the dispute and paid the amount to Koradiya.
Koradiya had bought health insurance worth Rs 7.25 lakh for his family from Star Health & Allied Insurance Co Ltd. His son, Meet, fell ill on September 29, 2020, and was admitted to a hospital in Surat. He was treated for pneumonia and discharged on October 5. The bill was Rs 2 lakh.
In the discharge summary, the hospital stated that the patient suffered from viral pneumonia and was not Covid-positive. A day after the discharge, Koradiya sought reimbursement from the insurer. The insurer approved Rs 1 lakh amount and deducted Rs 1 lakh citing the Surat Municipal Corporation‘s circular regarding hospital charges for Covid-19 to justify chopping reimbursement by half.

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